Reimagine your sales strategy with videos

Businesses are trying to keep their head above water and are forced to be brave and creative in the remote working scenario.

Especially sales are at the fore-front of this. No sales professional or a company has got any prior training on how to deal with a crisis situation like this. Sales professionals need new tools, new strategies, new tactics, and come up with creative ways to sell to adapt to this situation. Now is the time to re-imagine your sales strategy.

This webinar is a 30-minute playbook on how to redefine your sales strategy for the current scenario of working remotely.

Key Takeaways
  • Increase productivity using videos in your remote sales outreach
  • Enhance prospect engagement using personalized videos
  • Track and close deals remotely with effective video communication
Sandy Natarajan
Marketing Communications Executive
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About the Speaker
Sandy is a content strategist who evangelizes through content by developing and integrating information that fits business goals and user needs.
As a communication specialist, she comes with a wealth of training experience in peer training and also focuses on research and delivery of purposeful content that targets niche audience.

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