How ADP can win with videos

How does your current sales outreach cadence look like? Do you get enough engagement and response rates? This is a question that many companies like ADP ask themselves, and that’s why Hippo Video leads the video field.

This event focusses on how adding videos to your sales outreach will make it more REAL and humanize your outreach.

Meet Jeffrey Gitomer who will be leading this event. He is the author of The Sales Bible and 10+ other best-selling books on sales, business, and personal development. Founder of Charlotte-based Buy Gitomer, Jeffrey gives seminars all over the world and provides on-demand master classes on selling. In 2008, Jeffrey was elected to the Speakers Hall of Fame. His Podcast, Sell or Die with wife Jen Gitomer has more than 2,500,000 downloads.

Agenda [60 minutes]
  • Video ideas from Jeffrey
  • How to make videos easily
  • How to be innovative in selling with personalized videos
  • Q&A with Jeffrey

Videos have made it possible for sales teams to scale and speed up their sales process, put a face to their name, and be REAL. With video selling being the need of the hour there is so much that you need to catch up on to as a sales rep and the potential that a video has to offer is plenty.

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Jeffrey Gitomer
King of Sales | International Sales Trainer and Keynote Speaker
October 21, 11.30 AM EST
Karthi Mariappan
Co Founder and CEO at Hippo Video
October 21, 11.30 AM EST
Pavan Kumar
Director of Sales at Hippo Video
October 21, 11.30 AM EST
Nikhil Premanandan
Head of Marketing at Hippo Video
October 21, 11.30 AM EST

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Nov 6, 11AM EST