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Personalized Videos for Healthcare Insurance

Breaking the Complexity in Healthcare Insurance with Personalized videos

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Breaking down the complexity with personalized videos for Healthcare insurance

The health insurance industry is undergoing a radical shift and the policies are getting more complicated, more so in the present scenario. Even today more than 50% of the population in some of the most developed countries are insurance illiterates. It is a herculean task to educate members about critical aspects and also ensure delivery of information in a way that will engage them. How to strike a balance between the members and the payers? And what if there is a way to solve the biggest problem of both the Payer and the Member with one solution?

Customer Onboarding:

You can use personalized video experience to welcome new insurance members on board and clarify new plan features with the click of a button. Explaining the most important part of the coverage benefits that members have chosen will foster a mutually beneficial relationship. It can help reduce call costs on new member care, encourage digital service adoption, and provide customer satisfaction.

Aid with Open Enrollment:

Personalized videos become a bridge for valuable communication eliminating repetitive or unnecessary messaging but enhancing individual experience. First-time enrollment assistance using videos; guiding members about plan change, slot for open enrollment by introducing piecemeal information at appropriate periods during their journey, reduces a lot of stress on customer support.

Easily understand the Explanation of Benefits:

Make the trickiest part comprehensible. Insurance jargon such as Deductible, Coinsurance, and Out-of-Pocket Limits can be detailed graphically using the actual claim numbers itself in a video. This helps plan members better understand statements related to care costs and increases the adoption of value-added services. An interactive video experience will help both members and payers reap benefit from the plan.

Video Responses to Claims and Coverage Questions:

Queries relating to claim covers, co-insurance related costs on bills that are addressed by an agent involve long wait time. Cut short this with micro-video tutorials. Also, encourage members to record their questions through videos and post it to agents which could become a video repository by itself and reference for other members.

Make Healthcare Insurance Less Complex with Videos